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Variety and Origin - MW Tasting and Analysis Course - Video Only

Variety and Origin - MW Tasting and Analysis Course - Video Only

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This is a stand-alone course based on Variety and Origin Questions from the Master of Wine Practical exams. In an online video, Christine, the 2019 Bollinger Medal Winner, and Jim Gore discuss tasting calibration, explore practical examination question styles, and walk you through how to get as many points as possible in the practical examination.


You will be sent a suggested wine list to source the wines needed for this course - PLEASE ensure a helper finds the wines for you so that you can taste blind.


    Online only option with no wines - available worldwide - wines must be sourced before watching the video - a list will be sent.


    Build skill, build logic, build confidence to become an MW. 

    Christine and Jim have worked together to create an online educational experience that will allow you to work at your own pace, master new skills, and apply them to improve your Master of Wine Practical Exam technique.


    Who is it for?

    MW Students of all levels who would like help with their Practical Exam skills People interested in the MW who want to learn how to taste and analyse like a Master of Wine.


    The Detail:

    This is an online course that has been designed by experienced educators to make the most of the online education format. It is not a 12 wine timed paper. It is an immersive educational experience. You will be expected, during the course of the videos, to revise specific elements assigned to you and then to resume the online session. Working together, we will build your Master of Wine exam skills and you will learn how to get the most out of the wines that you come across during your MW journey.


    How it works:

    Christine and Jim, have recorded training sessions with two MW students which you will be able to access through Zoom. The total recorded time of the video is approximately 4-6 hours, depending on the session. Please note, however, that depending on how many tasks you undertake, the total work time could be more than 8 hours. The equivalent timing is similar to participating in a course spanning one working day.

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